Principal's Message

Thank you for showing an interest in Shire Christian School. Our school started from humble beginnings in 1977 in a church hall with under 20 students with a vision to partner parents in the Christian education of their children.

Since moving to our present site in Barden Ridge in 1981, our school has grown to over 900 students. We offer a preparatory program in the year before children start Kindergarten, known as Shire Prep. Shire Christian has a vibrant Junior School (Kindergarten to Year 6) and Secondary School (Year 7 to Year 12).

The school logo uses the words a firm foundation to indicate that, from the time the school first started until today, we educate children believing that the Bible thoroughly equips us for every good work. Our school provides a Christian education where students are a part of regular devotions, study the Bible in Christian Studies classes and have an opportunity to understand a Christian perspective on a range of topics they study.

The firm foundation our school is seeking to establish for each child also involves helping them to develop core knowledge and skills that will be a foundation for future learning. For example, our Junior School emphasises phonics to help ensure younger students develop strong literacy skills. We attribute our school’s strong NAPLAN results to this approach.

A great education seeks to equip students with a range of skills and attributes that will equip them for life’s opportunities and challenges when they finish school. This is why the school has developed the 7Cs of a Shire Christian School education. They are:

  • Christian character
  • Community
  • Communication
  • Core knowledge and skills
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Critical thinking

To achieve these objectives, we offer extension opportunities and learning support programs for students with particular needs. We offer a wide choice of elective subjects in the Secondary School so that students can explore their areas of interest and achieve to the best of their ability in the HSC.

Students learn, achieve and thrive when they feel emotionally safe and supported at school. Shire Christian is known for how well it cares for its students and we trust that our pastoral care program will help every child to learn to the best of their ability and feel loved and valued in our school community.

Mr David Stonestreet

What does a Christian Education involve?