Visual Arts

Students who participate in performance and visual arts show more positive academic and personal wellbeing outcomes.

Results from a study by the University of Sydney and the Australian Council for the Arts showed students who are involved in the arts have higher motivation in school, better engagement in class, and higher self-esteem and life satisfaction.

Our specialist arts teachers have first-hand experience of the importance of art making and appreciation and are committed to strengthening and encouraging students in their endeavours to excel.

In our well-equipped specialist art rooms, we encourage students to explore and express themselves creatively through many hands-on practical experiences. For one lesson each week, student’s artistic skills are progressively built upon in many expressive forms such as drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture and printmaking.

Students are encouraged to explore and engage in their immediate world for inspiration, and make artworks based on themes and topics that are relevant to them. Students examine artists and artworks from throughout the world and have the opportunity to gain a broad appreciation for art and culture.