God is an amazing creator and science allows us to study his handiwork in all its intricacy and to work out how its different parts fit together.

The science department aims to see students equipped with the scientific skills to allow them to meet the challenges of an increasingly technological world, to evaluate scientific discoveries and to see how each fits into the framework of a deep and considered biblical worldview.

The scientific method, developed by the faithful believer Sir Francis Bacon, has allowed scientists to make new discoveries and continue to expand our knowledge of the natural world. Using this method, students at Shire Christian investigate different phenomena in the fields of physics, biology, chemistry and Earth science, spending much of their class time learning through practical activities and carrying out experiments.


In Years 7–10, students study a common course covering areas of physics, biology, chemistry and Earth science.

In Years 11–12, Science offers specialist courses in physics, biology or chemistry, as well as the new Science Extension course in 2019.

In all years, students have the opportunity to take part in the Science Olympiad.

In studying Science, students should develop:

  1. an appreciation of the contribution of science to finding solutions for personal, social and global issues
  2. a willingness to use evidence and reason to engage with and respond to scientific and technological ideas as informed, reflective citizens
  3. knowledge, understanding and skills in applying the process of working scientifically
  4. understanding about the nature, development, use and influence of science.