Visual Arts

In Visual Arts students explore their creative potential through various art-making experiences.

Our desire is to strengthen and encourage students in their endeavours to excel in art making, art appreciation and art study.

Our highly skilled art teachers are passionate about aiding students to attain a higher degree of proficiency, beyond what they may see as achievable.


We encourage students to explore and express themselves creatively through many visual hands-on practical experiences.

Students explore numerous expressive art forms such as drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, different printmaking techniques, photography and filmmaking through the different stages at Shire Christian.

They can experiment with various two- dimensional and three-dimensional materials, techniques and styles. This is encouraged by engaging students in exploring their world for inspiration, as well as examining artists and artworks throughout the world where similar ideas, themes, concepts, materials, techniques and styles have been explored.

Murals and decor

More artistically gifted students are encouraged to engage in our mural workshops. Students are tutored in how to paint large murals that decorate our school premises. These students also make backdrops and props for school performances.


‘Expression’ is our school showcase evening and is held annually. It is an amazing display of artworks from both non-elective and elective Visual Arts, and is a great opportunity for other departments to show off their God-given creative abilities.