Learning Support

Our team works hard to assist students in order to maximise their learning opportunities through access to a range of support services from the secondary school’s Learning Support team.

The Learning Support staff rely on medical recommendations and a range of academic data to determine the support needs of students. The school then determines if a student should be placed in specialised learning support classes or receive assistance. Each student’s progress is carefully monitored.

Support English and Mathematics lessons are conducted with a specialist teacher and are concurrent on the timetable with the mainstream classes. The curriculum follows a similar pattern to that of the mainstream classes, but with an emphasis on skill-related outcomes as well as those required by NESA. 

Additional assistance may also be provided across many other subjects, including deploying teachers aides to partner with the class teacher in student learning.

School based testing of skills, such as reading and comprehension, may occur at various times throughout the student’s enrolment. This school-based testing by learning support staff is used to determine the needs and progress of individuals.

Students with specific disabilities may require an Individual Plan to access the curriculum. The Learning Support team work collaboratively with parents and teachers to determine whether the disability affects the student’s ability to participate in learning experiences and what adjustments are necessary. Adjustments are made to ensure participation is on the same basis as a student without a disability. Adjustments are reviewed and modifications are made as necessary. (Disability Standards for Education 2005)

Learning Support teachers encourage students to take personal responsibility to be active learners. Positive reinforcement combined with self-motivation is the key to learning. Students feel motivated, encouraged and supported by our specialist teachers, knowing that a new concept will be reinforced or practically demonstrated to deepen understanding, so that they can become confident learners.

Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy services are also available onsite by appointment.