Exploring how people interact with the world God created

Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) subjects at Shire Christian School explore the world that God created and how humans interact with the world. The subjects the department offers are outlined below.

Students explore both the natural and human environments, allowing them to see how the world has been shaped by geographical, historical, economic, political and social changes.

HSIE subjects challenge students to become more aware of the interacting factors in a changing society.

Each HSIE subject aims to develop student’s values, attitudes, skills, knowledge and understanding so that they will:

  • Become effective citizens and participants in society and their communities
  • Seek to improve and enhance the world around them
  • Develop their literacy and numeracy skills
  • Be exposed to a wide range of learning activities, which will develop specialist knowledge, skills and attitudes

Years 7 to 10


History gives students the opportunity to understand significant events of the past and their impact on the present. Topics include Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, Medieval Europe, World Wars and the Vietnam War.


Geography explores both the natural and human environments, and how we impact these environments. Geography covers topics like Landscapes and Landforms, Place and Livability, Water in the World, Sustainable Biomes, Human Wellbeing and Changing Places.


In Years 9-10, students have the option of choosing Commerce as an elective. Commerce helps students understand the financial, commercial and legal world. Topics include Consumer Choice, Personal Finance, Employment Issues, Law in Society, Travel and E-Commerce.

Years 11 and 12

In Years 11-12, HSIE offers a range of subjects giving students the opportunity to study geographical, historical, commercial and societal concepts at a deeper level through the following courses:

  • Ancient History: students study and analyse past societies like Ancient Greece and Sparta.
  • Business Studies: investigates the role, operation and management of businesses within our society.
  • Economics: students explore the economic decisions that have a crucial influence on the quality of life experienced by people throughout the world.
  • Geography: the study of Geography allows students to perceive the world in a variety of ways and helps them make sense of a complex and changing world.
  • Legal Studies: develops students’ knowledge and understanding of the nature and functions of law and law making. Topics include criminal law and family law.
  • Modern History: this subject is especially relevant to the lives of students, as the events and issues that form its content are, in many cases, still unfolding.
  • History Extension: offers students opportunities to explore the nature of history, and how and why historical interpretations are developed from different perspectives and approaches over time.
  • Society & Culture: develops knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes essential to an appreciation of the social world.