Relationships are at the heart of a Christian learning community.

  • Our teachers build strong relationships with each other and with the students they teach.
  • All of our staff are committed to the pastoral care of our students and seek to foster a social environment where students develop meaningful relationships with each other.
  • Our teachers are committed to connecting positively with parents to help each child receive a quality, Christian education.

Part of the school's mission is to partner like-minded Christian parents in the education of their children. Therefore, parents who are Christians are encouraged to work with teachers to help their children grow to love and serve God.

The school provides numerous practical opportunities to build meaningful relationships and a sense of community. Sometimes very strong relationships can be established through casual conversations. Therefore, Junior School parents are very welcome to come to the morning assembly at 8:40 AM each day where they can take the opportunity to chat to others. We also hold numerous events during the course of the year where people can get to know each other. For example, the Secondary School runs a creative and performing arts showcase event each year, where parents have the opportunity to view what their children have produced. This gives parents an opportunity to chat to others and get to know people.

We also provide more structured opportunities for parents and teachers to have meaningful conversations about their children. For example, we conduct parent teacher meetings just prior to the end of term one each year. This enables parents and teachers to work proactively together to help maximise each child's learning and address any areas of concern.

The school is very appreciative of parents who continue to make practical contributions to the life of the school. For example, some of our parents assist with our Junior School reading program and sharpen pencils.

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