At Shire Christian School we value the Arts and provide a strong arts-rich educational program, spanning the junior and secondary areas of the school.

In this subject we seek to enable students to care for this art form as a gift of our creator God that engages its community, critically examines our culture, and clarifies our beliefs.

Participation in Drama has been shown to be of great benefit to students as they work collaboratively, solve problems and consider others’ perspectives in a highly practical classroom environment. Learning experiences which stimulate the intellect, emotions, imagination and body, and engage the whole person, enable students to communicate in a complex and powerful way. Students are able to choose Drama to study as a discipline from Years 9-12 and there are often extra-curricular drama opportunities for students to enlist in which include competitive Theatresports, musicals and other smaller dramatic tasks, depending on the year.

Other benefits of dramatic study include the development of self-confidence, motivation and self-esteem, as well as the potential for it to be seen as a ministry. Students who study Drama have the opportunity to foster their empathetic abilities in order to understand other cultures and people. Christians are called to be a godly witness to those around them, and by attempting to understand people different to themselves, students are able to take steps towards this. Drama also allows for a safe forum through which topical issues may be discussed from a Christian perspective.

Some have described the medium of drama as a language in itself, that through drama certain stories can be told and lessons learnt that are not readily learnt elsewhere. Drama is a vessel through which the gospel message can travel and is therefore an important skill that serves a vital role in a well-rounded Christian curriculum.

“Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”
- Matthew 5:16