Meaningful, timely communication in the school is critically important to build positive relationships and a vibrant school community. Shire Christian School seeks to communicate well in the following ways.

  • A fortnightly newsletter keeps subscribers up to date with upcoming events and feature reports and photographs on activities and excursions our students were involved in.
  • Emails are used to remind our community members of upcoming school events.
  • Parents will receive an SMS and email on the days their child does not attend school.
  • Parents receive progressive feedback on their child's learning and progress through our SEQTA Engage app.
  • Junior School parents receive a newsletter from their child’s class teacher at the beginning of each term outlining details of what will be studied and what are expected outcomes.
  • The school presents a junior and secondary school information evening early in Term 1. These events also give parents an opportunity to establish a relationship with teachers.
  • Shire Christian School has a Facebook page and Instagram account for parents who like to stay in touch through social media.
  • Parents and teachers are actively encouraged to call each other to discuss the needs of individual students.

Annual Reports

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