The aim of Mathematics at Shire Christian School is to develop the student’s mathematical thinking, understanding, competence and confidence in the application of mathematics.

We want students to enjoy Maths and appreciate the value of studying it. Through studying Maths, the school helps students to appreciate that God is an ordered God who created and sustains the world we live in.

At Shire Christian, both support and extension classes are offered to cater to students with varying abilities. Students in the Years 7 and 8 extension classes have the opportunity to participate in the Mathematics Olympiad.

In Years 11 and 12, students are offered the choice of studying General Mathematics, Mathematics and/or Extension 1 Mathematics. Extension 2 Mathematics may be available for the most mathematically able students in Year 12.

Some of the key objectives for students studying Maths include:

Developing a student’s ability to solve mathematical problems. This includes:

  • mental and written computation
  • patterning and algebraic reasoning
  • spacial visualisation and geometric reasoning

Through classroom learning, Shire Christian School Maths teachers help students to:

  • appreciate that Maths as an essential and relevant part of life and has been developed in response to human need.
  • persevere when they find Maths challenging.