Physical Education

God created each of us with remarkable and unique abilities. Our physical bodies are complex, beautiful and sophisticated. In giving thanks to God for his good creation, our responsibility as stewards is to nurture, protect and challenge our mind and body.

Students learn that our physical bodies are a wonderful gift from God and that there are many ways in which we can strengthen, protect and preserve this gift through participating in activities that promote physical fitness and wellbeing.

The Junior School physical education program has been developed to enable students to participate in a broad range of challenging, yet enjoyable activities. These activities develop new skills, foster relationships, build confidence and improve overall wellbeing. The program promotes physical fitness, healthy body weight and psychological wellness.

We encourage students to participate by focusing on acquiring fundamental movement skills, which can easily be adapted and applied to a broad range of sporting pursuits and contexts. By developing these skills, students can competently and confidently participate in lifelong physical activity.

The course complements the major sporting events on the Junior School calendar. Students undertake specific skill instruction and coaching in cross country running and all athletics carnival events.

Throughout the Junior School physical education program, students participate in various sports and activities, including dance, gymnastics, net and court games, invasion games, striking and fielding games.