Our Biblical approach to curriculum design

Shire Christian School was founded on the desire to develop a schooling practice that is faithful to biblical guidelines for education and life. Teaching through a biblical worldview seeks to shape not only the content but also the methodology and purpose of education. At its core, a biblical worldview emphasises that God is the ultimate source of truth and wisdom, guiding educators to integrate biblical principles, moral teachings and spiritual development into the curriculum. This approach acts as a lens, where educators draw upon biblical truths during curriculum design to ensure all concepts/learning are framed to reveal God’s design and purpose.

biblical design1.jpg

‘Transformation By Design’ is one model used in Christian education to ensure that a biblical worldview is the foremost shaper and driver of the curriculum, whilst incorporating exemplary teaching practise. It has a transformational vision that places Christ at the centre of all things (Col 1:15). Biblical themes of Creation, the Fall, Redemption and Renewal highlight the centrality of Christ in our learning, service and purpose. They seek responsive discipleship where students and teachers are transformed to have the mind, heart and life of Christ (1 Cor 13:2). Following ‘The Big Picture’ model the biblical perspective clearly articulates the biblical story and uses threads to draw the unit together and provide students with opportunities to live out their new learning. By weaving these into the fabric of curriculum design, learning becomes a purposeful and holistic endeavour that seeks to instil not only academic knowledge but also spiritual growth and understanding.

The Transformation by Design model is aligned to our Learning for Life framework. This can be seen clearly through the domain of RENEWAL. Learning for Life encompasses five domains of learning, which are of equal value, yet our RENEWAL domain is the foundational and driving domain that underpins what we do and why we do it. RENEWAL is at the heart of our framework. Our learning is given true meaning through our biblical understanding of who God is, our identity in Him, and our place in His world. This domain seeks to shape students into individuals who embody the characteristics of Christ and creates a learning community with a strong foundation in our Creator. They are also the driving force through which the other domains and dispositions are developed. A solid and unwavering hope in Christ provides a deep sense of purpose and meaning that provides a foundation for approaching learning but also gives inspiration and assurance for God’s supreme sovereignty over their lives. Throughout our learning, we are seeking to cultivate compassion, generosity, humility and a heart of service in our students. We desire our learners to find true joy and contentment in Jesus and reflect forgiveness in their endeavours for restorative relationships within their learning community.

Mrs Ruth Cooper
Head of Junior School