When the Sutherland Shire Christian School was conceived in 1969, those involved planned that the School would be an extension of the home, with the School reinforcing the Biblical responsibility of parents for the teaching of their children.

The decision was therefore made to create an Association of like-minded individuals that would operate the school. Members of this body saved money and raised funds, leading to the opening of the first class in 1977.

Now The Sutherland Shire Christian School Association Ltd, a company limited by guarantee, continues to carry the responsibility for ongoing ownership and operation of the school.

Board of Directors

The Association chooses, from its members, a Board of Directors, whose responsibility it is to govern the School and give strategic direction.

The responsibility for the implementation of this strategic direction is then given to the School Executive, led by the Principal. The Board meets throughout the school year and works closely with the Principal and Executive.

Twice a year the Association meets to hear reports from the Board and the Principal, to raise policy issues, to approve the financial statements and fees, and to elect members to the Board (when applicable).

Taking an active role

Parents can take a more active role in the positioning and strategic course of the School by being a member of the Association. Members can raise and discuss issues at Association meetings and vote on topics of the day.


  1. To become a member, parents must firstly complete an Expression Of Interest Form (below) and return it to the Board Secretary.
    Association Member Expression of Interest Form
  2. An Information Pack will then be forwarded to parents outlining information regarding Company membership. After reading this information pack parents who are committed in their Christian beliefs, agree with the Statement of Faith and SSCS Association Ltd Constitution and wish to proceed, may complete the Application Form enclosed in the Information Pack and return it to the Board Secretary.
    The Sutherland Shire Christian School Association Ltd Constitution
  3. A member of the Board will then contact applicants to arrange an interview, where both parties have an opportunity to discuss Company membership. Following the interview the application is considered for approval at the next scheduled Board meeting.
  4. A letter will then be sent from the Board of Directors to notify the parents if they have been given approval or not.