In English we endeavor to share the beauty, complexity and wonder of God’s creation through a variety of texts and experiences.

Through their interaction with a variety of texts and each other, students come to recognise and use a diversity of approaches to meet the growing array of literacy demands.

Students are encouraged to adopt a critical approach to all texts and to distinguish the aesthetic and literary qualities thereof. Through reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and representing experience, in conjunction with their ideas and values, students become proficient in interacting with and appreciating literature.

Stages 4 and 5

In Stages 4 and 5, we explore texts from different historical eras and various regions, with a recent focus on texts from the Asia Pacific region.

Students study and use language in its various textual forms, encompassing written spoken and visual texts of varying complexity.

Stage 6

In Stage 6, we consider the various ways that context can shape the language and values within a text.

Students come to understand the complexity of meaning, to compose and respond to texts and to appreciate the personal, social, and historical contexts that produce and value them.

We offer a range of courses in English including Standard, Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2.