Stage 1 Curriculum

In the early years of schooling, it is important for children to feel safe and be nurtured so that they can develop independence, self confidence and a love of learning.


Shire Christian teaches reading with a multisensory approach to help students identify sounds. We hear sounds, we feel the way that our mouths move as sounds are produced, we see how they are formed. Shire Christian uses a LIPS program (Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program) designed to help children understand how sounds are formed and how to recognise them. The Lindamood program helps students to distinguish between similar and different sounds.

Students are challenged to consider how sounds are formed, which helps students to write words and sentences accurately.


Shire Christian seeks to enable students to build strong foundations for the learning of mathematical skills and processes. Students are encouraged to use everyday language, concrete materials (Unifix blocks, Base Ten, Centicubes, Pattern Blocks etc.) and informal recordings to solve mathematical problems. Drill and practice of combinations to ten and twenty as well as regular counting on and off the decade assists speed and accuracy when completing calculations. Students are encouraged to develop a range of strategies, including skip counting, using ten frames, number lines and concrete material such as counters when solving problems.


The school has a modern, architect designed K-2 play area, which has a pirate ship, sand pit and other interactive areas. While this area is set aside exclusively for this age group, our K-2 students may choose to play in other parts of the playground. Students also have scheduled opportunities to play in the bush area on our campus, where imaginations reign as kingdoms and cubby houses are built.