Stage 2 Curriculum

Students’ exciting Shire Christian School journey continues in Stage 2, as they build on the knowledge and important skills they attained in Stage 1.

Literacy and Numeracy

Students are divided into smaller literacy and numeracy groups to help develop their competency in key areas, such as phonics where students learn to distinguish between sounds. Shire Christian uses a phonics-based literacy program WRASSE (Writing, Reading and Spelling Skills in English). Students build on their understanding of sounds taught in the early years and learn to apply these skills to be able to read and write independently.


Students learn how to use technology such as iPads and Chromebook laptops. They use programs and applications as they study a range of topics in different subjects. Shire Christian is conscious that over exposure to technology is unwise, and therefore students also spend a significant amount of time learning without using a device. The school is committed to teaching students how to be safe online.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is one of the school’s 7C’s. As students learn content and facts in History, Geography, Science and other subjects, they also begin to develop their ability to analyse and criticise concepts and issues.


Year 3 students learn to play the recorder and then further develop their music skills by learning a musical instrument in Year 4.

Peripatetic classes in which students receive individual tutoring from tutors, are also offered. Peripatetic classes are paid for separately by parents.


Year 3 students benefit by engaging in an intensive swimming and life-saving program run by the Sutherland Aquatic Centre. In Year 4, the children participate in a gymnastics program run by BOUNCE.

Extra-curricular activities

All students in this stage are encouraged to join the many extra-curricular activities offered: Junior School choir, training band, sporting teams, annual theatre or musical production and lunchtime interest groups.

A Primary and Infants Performance Evening (PIPE) offers children the opportunity to display their skills and development in many of these areas.