How to Enrol

Submit an enrolment application form

Please contact us to request an enrolment application form.

Once you have received the form, please submit the following:

  • A completed enrolment application form
  • The non-refundable application fee ($100)
  • Additional documentation requested on the application form e.g. a copy of school reports

Visit our school by booking into one of our school tours.


Parents/caregivers, along with the child hoping to enrol at the school, may be invited to an enrolment interview with the Principal or a senior member of staff.

Likely dates of enrolment interviews:

  • Kindergarten & Year 7 – from February of the year before e.g. If parents would like their child to start at the school at the beginning of 2022, enrolment interviews will be conducted in the first few months of 2021.
  • All other year groups – at any point during the year.

Internal school assessment

The school is very committed to catering to the individual needs of students. Therefore, all students wishing to enrol at the school are asked to complete an assessment of their academic ability. The school will contact families to arrange a time to complete this assessment.

Confirmed place

Once the school has received all relevant documentation, the enrolment interview has taken place and the student has completed an internal assessment, an offer of enrolment may be made.


The above procedures are designed to make student enrolments at the school as efficient and straightforward as possible. If parents have particular circumstances that would make it difficult for them to go through the above-mentioned process, they should contact the enrolments office at the school to discuss their particular needs.

Eligible ages

  • Prep – turn 4 by the 31st of March
  • Kindergarten – turn 5 by the 31st of March
  • Year 7 – turn 12 by the 31st of March

If a child does not meet the eligible age requirements, parents are very welcome to contact the school to discuss whether there can be some flexibility.