Junior School Music

Shire Christian School sees life-long benefits for students who are exposed to a quality Music education from a young age. Some of the opportunities for students to learn include weekly classroom lessons, the Instrumental Program, one on one lessons, and our Ensemble Program.

The Junior School classroom music program at Shire Christian is quite unique, in that every Junior School class has a weekly music lesson with a specialist music teacher. This means that all students from Preparatory through to Year 6 learn to sing, move, and play music. Students also learn to read and write music, and gain experience composing, improvising and arranging music with technology. This is done through the Kodály and Orff frameworks, with music teachers highly accomplished in these methods.

In Year 4 all students are part of our Instrumental Program where students choose an instrument and have regular instruction in a small group with a specialist tutor. Instruments to choose include Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Violin and Cello. Students learn valuable skills such as the discipline to practice a skill, and working as a team to master something new.

Students who choose to delve deeper on what they learnt in the Year 4 Instrumental Program, or students who are currently learning an instrument, can continue into either the Junior Concert Band, or Junior String Ensemble. These ensembles are targeted for students who are developing in their ability on their instrument and each ensemble has regular performance opportunities. Children who love to sing will also be well suited in the Junior Choir. Each of these ensembles are led by passionate directors who are dedicated to seeing each member grow in their ability on their instrument, and are experienced in leading an ensemble.

The Music Tuition Program is an excellent way for students to receive one on one tuition. Students learn off qualified and experienced Christian tutors. They can have their weekly lesson scheduled before or after school, or have it at a different time each week to minimise disruption to their learning in their regular class. Music Teachers and Tutors intentionally work together to provide a unified learning experience that explains and applies the foundations of music.

Throughout the year there are many opportunities for students to perform. The showcase performance night for Junior School is PIPE (Primary & Infants Performance Evening). It’s a time for our school community to enjoy all that has been happening in ensembles and classes, along with some individual singing, dancing and dramatic acts. We also have annual recital evenings for students who learn an instrument. Parents often comment that it is an excellent opportunity for young learners to perform in a casual supportive environment, and for them to see others who are further along the journey and gain an insight into what it will look like to continue learning their instrument.