Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

It is generally true in life that a person’s wellbeing affects everything they do. It is no different in schools. A child’s wellbeing affects their learning as well as their friendships.

It is our goal to build every student’s wellbeing so that they are able to benefit most from their years at school and develop into responsible and caring citizens.

Students are allocated to a gender-based Pastoral Care class in Year 7 and for the most part stay with this group of students and their Pastoral Care teacher for their journey through Secondary School. This means students are known well and supported by one teacher.

Students meet with their pastoral care class and teacher on a daily basis. The pastoral care program provides students with an opportunity to develop an understanding of how the gospel applies to their daily lives, helping them to understand what it means to live well in God’s world. The pastoral care program seeks to grow a student’s sense of connectedness, to develop their character and to provide them with support as they journey through their secondary school years.

The pastoral care program also includes camping experiences for students. Each year, every Year Group from Year 7 to Year 12 will go on a camp. One of the objectives of these camps is for students to build relationships with their teachers and their peers, where students can take the opportunity to talk openly about the Christian faith.

Looking after student wellbeing, and making a conscious effort to build student resilience are part of all activities in Secondary School, whether classroom learning, sporting activities, extension programs, support programs or extra curricular activities.

Each year the school develops a theme or focus as a way of engaging everyone in the school community to continually refine and improve practice.

In 2021 the focus was Christian education and pastoral care.

Click here to view a series of videos that were made to encourage and inform the school community about how Shire Christian School provides a quality Christian education and cares deeply for students.

Co-curricular Activities in Secondary