Shire Christian's 7cs

The following 7Cs help differentiate us from other schools:

Christian character

Our Pastoral Care program teaches and reinforces Christian values on a daily basis. Students learn from God’s Word and are supported to make wise Christian choices based on what they learn.


Students are part of a Christian community where they are loved, taught and supported to learn and achieve to the best of their ability. Teachers are committed to working in a collaborative partnership with parents in the education of their children.


Because communication lies at the heart of human interaction, students are given opportunities to develop their ability to communicate. They learn and practice listening and questioning skills for communicating clearly in various circumstances. Apart from class work, students are encouraged to hone their understanding and communication skills by participating in writing programs and speaking competitions and develop collaboration skills by working in groups.

Core knowledge and skills

Core knowledge and skills in all areas are crucial as we help to build a firm foundation in our young people. Tailored literacy and numeracy programs help students learn to read and write and to recall important facts. These core skills are reinforced in other subjects and activities, including Spelling, Bible, Science, research skills, Music, Visual Arts and PE.


God gives children creative ability, which can manifest itself in a range of ways. Shire Christian School teachers seek to establish a classroom climate where children are able to express and explore their creativity. This occurs in traditionally creative subjects such as English, Music, Art and Drama, as well as through extracurricular opportunities such as school musicals. The school also seeks to foster creativity in Mathematics and Science, by encouraging students to think creatively when solving mathematical and scientific problems.


Children have great questions and inquisitive minds. We aim to foster students’ curiosity and help them ask clever questions they can use to enquire and deepen their learning.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally about what to do or what to believe. Critical thinking skills enable individuals to systematically solve problems and understand logical connections between ideas, as well as equipping students with the ability to construct an argument and critique the views of others. Critical thinking skills help children to make wise choices and also equips them with skills that will be invaluable for a range of workplace contexts. Teachers at Shire Christian School employ a range of strategies to help children to think critically and express their arguments effectively in writing.