From Mr Hartley’s graduation address

I trust that the school has recognised your strengths, qualities and valued you to be the person God created you to be. I truly hope that each of you has developed a healthy understanding of who you are. It is my prayer that you:

  • Know your strengths and how to use them to honour God
  • Are realistic about the things you aren’t so good at and have a desire to improve
  • Don’t feel sad about your weaknesses or imperfections,
  • And don’t wish that you were more like someone else

I trust that as you graduate, you will look back on your time with us fondly. I trust that we have celebrated your strengths and achievements while also supporting and strengthening you in your areas of need or struggle.

I trust that you have learnt a great deal from the Bible and in a range of different subjects you have studied. I trust that you have built wonderful friendships with other students and that you will appreciate the contributions our teachers have made to your life, and remember us for many years to come.