With the school holidays fast approaching, you undoubtedly will need to occupy your children with a range of activities for the two week break. As parents, you want the best for your children - but what is the most helpful thing for them when it comes to screen time?

Smartphones, iPads, hand held devices, gaming devices, computers are all helpful and useful tools that we (and our children) use regularly. There are an abundance of blogs and articles about what is and isn’t helpful for children of all ages. However, none of them are written with your child and your situation in mind - so what should you do when it comes to screen time for your child?

This article from the eSafety Commissioner will hopefully be a helpful guide as you consider what works for your family when it comes to screen time. You know your child better than any article or blog, so please tailor the information to suit your situation.

I pray that this information is helpful as you navigate screen time for your family.

Mr Nathan Asher
School Chaplain