It is important for children to develop good social skills so that they can relate well and learn in a caring environment. 

On Tuesday, the Stage 1 children were taken on a (make believe) excursion to a TV studio to watch the filming of the cooking show called Stop, Think and then take Action! The children were reminded by Joe-Cool and many other puppets about the school’s Rainbow Reminders and how they are great ingredients for a happy day at school.

Our puppet friend called Sammy had tried to make a banana smoothie but because he didn’t follow a recipe (and even put potatoes and chilli in it), it did not work out at all! So it was timely that we all watched the TV show where the contestants, Miss Apple and Mr Lemon were competing to see who could cook up the happiest classroom. Winning by a mile was Miss Apple who added things like “Kindness” and “Patience” and “Obedience” to her given ingredients of “A classroom”, “Children” and “A teacher”.

Mr Lemon, on the other hand, added to his given classroom ingredients some “Lying”, “Selfishness” and “Talking back” which led to a very unhappy classroom!

Our imaginations then brought us back to the IRC where we watched “Mr Denning” show us how to make a real Banana smoothie by following a recipe.

Many thanks to the amazing Year 10 Drama students and Mrs Wright who helped to perform in this production, designed to teach social skills to our younger students.

SocS stands for “Social Skills”. This play is one in a series of 12 being presented to Stage One children which covers these four main topics:

  • Understanding School Rules
  • Making Friends
  • Dealing with Emotions
  • Resilience

The SocS program is written by Diana Moes, Shire Christian School and is available to purchase for implementation. Enquiries: 8525 5111

Mrs Diana Moes