Fee Assistance

Applying for Tuition Fee Assistance

Shire Christian School can provide bursaries to assist families who encounter a period of financial hardship that impacts their ability to pay tuition fees.

Assistance is means‐tested to ensure that help is provided to families with the greatest need. To promote fairness, accuracy and equity in the granting of tuition assistance, and to meet the school’s requirements with regards to the funding it receives from the Government, it is necessary for us to collect information about you and your family’s finances and personal circumstances via completion of a Parental Financial Assessment.

Shire Christian School uses the services of TuitionAssist, a confidential specialist assessment service that works exclusively with Australian independent schools to help parents demonstrate their eligibility for assistance. All information provided remains strictly confidential and is only ever used for the purposes of evaluating eligibility for assistance. Information received by the school is only internally reviewed by the Business Manager and Finance Committee and a recommendation is submitted to the school board for a final decision.

A key part of the service is that it enables parents to provide TuitionAssist with secure access to electronic statements from their financial institutions for a fast and automated eligibility assessment. No transaction‐level data is ever shared with the school. Instead, the school receives a summary assessment that confirms your financial situation. This process saves parents time, reduces the need to manually enter extensive financial data, and enables us to process your request more efficiently using verified information.

Steps to apply for tuition assistance:

  1. Visit www.tuitionassist.com.au
  2. Start your application by going to the ‘Apply’ page.
  3. Search for Shire Christian School or enter the 5‐digit school code which is 43792.
  4. When completed, submit your application together with any supporting documents required.
  5. We will review your application and will contact you regarding our decision. 

Please use the yellow chat button in the bottom right of the application screen to ask specific questions about the application, or email businessmanager@shirechristian.nsw.edu.au for more information. 

Please note the following conditions apply to our means‐tested bursaries:

  • Bursary arrangements between the school and the family are confidential and must not be discussed with anyone else.
  • Bursaries are only available for students enrolled in K–12. Bursaries are not available for Prep students.
  • The school reserves the right to seek further information if necessary to support a bursary application. Omissions or misleading information may lead to the bursary application being unsuccessful.
  • A bursary is non‐transferable and non‐refundable. If a recipient leaves the school prior to the end of the academic year in which the bursary has been granted, the bursary will be reduced and apply only to the period of enrolment.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to inform the Business Manager if the family’s financial circumstances change either before or after the granting of a bursary that may affect approval.
  • A bursary will only be granted when all previously‐owed school fees have been paid or where an arrangement to pay these outstanding amounts has been agreed upon with the Business Manager.
  • Bursary recipients must maintain regular payments by direct debit and the fee account must be fully paid by the end of November each year.